Color Therapy - Holistic Healing

Color Therapy is also known as chromo therapy. Color is a form of visible light of electromagnetic energy. All the primary colors reflected in the rainbow carry their own unique healing properties. Each color of the spectrum is composed of a band of frequencies. Color therapy uses color to identify and correct any imbalances in the body's internal energy patterns that might lead to emotional or physical disease. Each organ has its own characteristic vibrational energy, and disorders can be healed by applying color of the corresponding vibrational energy, either to the whole body or to the organ concerned. 

Ms. Olga Horvat, MA a certified Lumia Science Color Therapist applies colored light in the form of a medical device “Bioptron”, to balance energy in the concerned areas of the body. She is also using crystals and essential oil in her work. Ms Horvat is specialized in both Human and Animal Color Therapy. She has been awarded with a Color Elite Certification from The National Association of Holistic Wellness, New York and Iris Diploma in Colour and Natural Healing for Animals from Iris International School in Colour Therapy, United Kingdom. Ms Horvat is listed in the International Energy Medicine Directory at:  

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“My journey with color therapy began with my husband Alex, when he was diagnosed with Muscular Atrophy. The disease affected the motor neurons’ ability to function properly, resulting in continual loss of muscle and muscle movement. Alex had very limited strength and he lost 40 lbs within couple of months. His muscles were extremely weak, and at one point he lost the ability to walk. It was an extremely sad situation for me and my family, as we realized that from now Alex will be completely dependent on us and on his wheelchair. He was taking the medications prescribed by his physician, but I was not very convinced that this is going to work. My “six sense” was telling me that I should try an alternative medicine. This was the first time I started experimenting with Color Therapy. Soon, Alex began to recover, gain weight and walk with a cane. But, his troubles were not over yet. He realized that he lost the ability to raise his right foot while walking. This condition is called “drop foot” and was caused by Muscular Atrophy. Alex was told by physician that he’ll never be able to lift his right foot again and that there is no cure for this condition. He was forced to wear a metal brace. I did not give up, neither did Alex. At that time I was already fascinated with the power of color therapy. I applied the Bioptron Light Therapy to Alex’s right foot. After a couple of months of therapy, a miracle happened! Alex is now able to raise his right foot and he doesn’t need to wear metal brace, any more. Not only that, but he is walking without a cane! His physician couldn’t believe it, as he was sure that Muscular Atrophy damaged the nerves that control muscles. Color Therapy has been proved to be better than traditional medicine!"

Olga said.

Ms. Horvat has been an artist for many years. She has explored the language of color in her artworks, and for the past five years she has narrowed down her interest to dog oil paintings. Because of this, she has become extremely color sensitive and very knowledgeable about light. Inspired by her husband’s success story, Olga decided to study in depth about this fascinating field of healing with color. Soon, she was on her way to help others who have experienced various health problems such as infections, allergies, pain, etc. In her Color Therapy she is combining her sensitivity to colors with the knowledge of Chakra Clearing. She is specialized in Canine Color Therapy. Ms. Horvat is healing dogs by the means of applying color to their body.

SPLENDID DUO - beauty and health treatment, exclusively for You and your Pet. After this treatment your fine lines and large pores will appear less noticeable and the skin will exude a glowing radiance and feel smoother. All energy centers of your pet's body will be exposed to its relevant color. A wonderful color vibration will promote the flow of energy and strengthen vitality and health of you and your pet. We provide this service in the comfort of your home!




Color Therapy has been used successfully to treat the following:

·         Cuts and Wounds

·         Eczema, acne

·         Regenerate Bone Growth

·         Reduce Pain

·         Wrinkles, fine lines & scar reduction

·         Boost Immune System

·         Arthritis, rheumatism 

·         Skin Problems

·         Burns and scalds

·         Circulatory Problems

·         Nerve Damage

·         Leg Ulcers

·         Headaches / Migraine

·         Depression

*    Heart Conditions